The second in command within the famous 4Cs is the clarity of a diamond. Mostly, it is determined by various factors like the number, nature, position, size, colours of internal characteristics and surface features. In most of the cases, diamonds are a piece of pure carbon but sometimes, in the process of crystallization, other minerals close by or even other bits of carbon forming more quickly may have become trapped within the cooling mass. Clarity is measured on a scale ranging from pure (flawless) to heavily included (I-3). The clarity of a diamond is graded by using 10X magnification under good lighting by an experienced grader. The final clarity grade is usually determined by how easy the inclusions and blemishes are for the grader to see. The popular tools used for clarity grading are the hand held loupe or microscope with 10 x magnification system. Hence, we can say that the imperfections not filtered under 10 x magnifications are not considered as imperfections. The various grading codes and their meanings are as per under : (Under 10 x magnifications)