Extra Facet

Sometimes, we need something extra to achieve perfection. Simply, a facet placed over the normal facet of the diamond to make it a brilliant gem piece, is called extra facet. For example, a round brilliant has 58 facets, (57 with a pointed culet). This shows that the additionally added one is an extra facet. To save on the weight part, a cutter would leave intact a remarkably large natural which extents by crown or pavilion and then would polish it leaving an extra facet. Otherwise, if there is an absence of cutting quality or presence of an extremely thin girdle, an extra facet would have been left intact. Whatever the reason may be, usually an extra facet does not affect the clarity of the diamond, unless it’s very obvious. Often, a cutter places extra facets intentionally to get a specific design followed by an obvious symmetry. On the contrary, diamonds with high level clarity grades might have many extra facets placed to polish away the inclusions and blemishes. Extra facets have no impact on the durability of the diamond. While placing the extra facet, symmetry of the diamond is generally not considered. We grade extra facets as VSM for very small, SM for small and MED for medium facets.




Very Small