IN: Indented Natural

As naturals are very common on diamonds, they are set as guidelines for cutter also to gain the maximum potential weight out of rough. A natural left intentionally is called Intended Natural. It goes below the surface of the diamond. Sometimes, it disturbs the outline of the shape as well. In order to achieve the maximum possible diameter, the cutter leaves an opposite natural. Usually, these kinds of naturals are found across the narrowest diameter of the original rough. It is always to leave characteristics like small canyons or indentations than to lose additional weight by removing them. An intended natural is more serious than a level natural for obvious reasons like its nature of collecting dirt, oil and thus adapting a dark appearance. They can be cleaned up easily without dirt marks. Intended or not, naturals are more rugged as they are the survivors in nature’s punishments since ages. In some cases, intended natural is a wise choice for a cutter as cavities can be more fragile while naturals are more solid. The ideal natural never takes away the roundness or symmetry of the diamond and should not be identified looking downward on the crown. Generally, an intended natural is taken as an inclusion. We grade it as VS for very small, SM for small, MED for medium and Heavy for heavy inclusions.