Mr. Bhagwanbhai P. Patel (Founder Chairman)

Mr. Bhagwanbhai P. Patel was among the three founders of ‘Shree Ramakrishna Export’ in 1976 along with Mr. Govindbhai Dholakia and Late Mr. Virjibhai Godhani in Surat. Thus, his vision and experience of more than four decades is the real foundation of Bhargovi.

Since Bhargovi’s inception, he has seen many ups and downs on his path but never backed down. A small step initiated with a small team has now grown into a Diamond Giant of the country with respect and reputation all over the world.

His vision and constant thriving efforts towards excellence have made Bhargovi a renowned diamond producer and exporter of India.

Mr. Vipul B. Patel (Managing Director – Marketing & Finance)

This young entrepreneur has been expanding the horizons of the company in a rapid pace. His deep understanding of the business enables him to perform excellence in Marketing and managing finance of the company.

Mr. Dinesh S. Patel (Managing Director – Marketing)

His brilliant sense of the global diamond market makes him the gem for our organisation. His vast experience in the array also adds in to his qualities. He has been leading this front since long. Now, he and his team ensure our global presence as quality diamond exporters.

Mr. Jatin B Patel (Managing Director - Purchase & Production)

The foundation of the company’s credibility is ensured by Mr. Jatin B Patel and his team as their quest for quality produces brilliant quality diamonds in various shapes, sizes and colours.

Mr. Ramesh R. Patel (Managing Director - Production)

As he believes in the ‘best’ only, he has been more conscious about the quality of the production. His Hawkeye is always upon the quality control department. He also constantly involves himself in innovative technologies that bring smoother and finer operations in production.