In simple words, polish is the shine on the facet surface of the finished diamond. On the whole, it is the overall condition or look of the finished diamond. The polish creates difference in the reflection. A diamond with better polish carries better reflection from its surface. There are five sub grades which are the measures directly affecting the pricing of a diamond. Polish has a direct impact on the intensity of light reflection as poorly polished facets may reduce the intensity. In gemological labs, generally, the polish of a diamond is examined facet by facet with reflected light under a microscope. PIf the polish is rated as fair or poor, visual performance may be noticeably reduced. PVarious defects affect a diamond’s polish like surface grain lines. The highly skilled cutters also have to take care of the changes in graining when they polish. Polish is mainly measured on a rating scale based upon their luster and polish from excellent to very good, good, fair and up to poor.