Production Process

Rough Grading

The first and hence very important step is to grade the rough received. The stock received may involve all purity and shape possibility gem stones. Our team of rough graders identify rough diamonds and grade them according to the best possible rates, shape, colour and purity.


Planning is perhaps the most vital phase in diamond production process. This is the step where the size and other criterions including the relative value of the cut stones that the rough is going to produce are confirmed. There are different steps / ways of planning: Window Faceting , Manual Planning , Sarin Planning , Rough Helium Planning , N Box, Magus Planer (Sahjanand Technologies)

Rough Cutting

Rough cutting is the process in which a rough stone is converted in to a faceted diamond. Diamond cutting demands specialized knowledge, tools, equipments, technology and perfection while applying all of them. Rough cutting is done mostly through Blad Sawing Machine and Laser Sawing Machine.

Rough Blocking

After the rough is cut, it is again put for the planning as per the results. Now, it’s time for blocking. This process gives the shape to the cut rough diamond. Blocking should be ideally done in such a way that the polisher gets an opportunity to give the best / maximum result.

Shape Cutting

This process is more popular as Brutting. Basically, rounding the corners of a diamond is called ‘Brutting’. During this process, two diamonds are set on to spinning axles turning in 180 degree different directions, which are then set to grind against each other to shape each diamond into a round shape. Brutting is done through three different ways: Laser Brutting , Maxi , Brutting Russian Brutter & Corning

Final Polishing

Diamond Polish refers to how smooth the outside surface of a diamond has been polished. Higher grades can be achieved by using a finer grain diamond dust on the polishing wheel and polishing for a longer time. It is not just important but compulsory for a diamond polisher to know the importance of a steady hand. The craftsmanship can be achieved through the experience gained over years. After polishing, the diamond is thoroughly cleaned by the acids and examined to see whether it matches the desired quality standards or not! Diamond polishing is vastly done either manually or on Auto Mails.